About Us

Speedy's Airboat Tours ~ Everglades City, Florida

The Florida Everglades is a "must see" natural wonder that you don't want to miss and there is no better way to see it than on Speedy's Airboat Tours!
All of our boats have the Highest Seats in the area for better visibility!
Our boats take you through
the Mangrove Jungles and and a private section of the Everglades


Speedy's Airboat Tours--- By offering tours on only small airboats, you not only see the Florida Everglades up close, but you also receive a much more personalized airboat tour. Unlike other airboats that carry up to 30 people, we put a maximum of 6 passengers on each of our airboats. Additionally, our tours go into a 1000 acre private section of the Florida Everglades that no other airboat companys have access to. This is why Speedy's Airboat Tours is an adventure like no other!